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Attorney Wang Zhijian and Hou Pandong Attend the Launching Ceremony of Western Enterprises’Road Show

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On December 21, “Yun Capital” which is the largest Roadshow platform of western enterprises is established in Chengdu High-tech Zone (CDHT).At the same time, CDHT Venture Investment Association is launched.

“Yun Capital” is the first platform which is built for the enterprises to absorb investment by road show in the West.

“Yun Capital”is also the interconnection for the enterprises and the institutions and it is of great importance for financial innovation and services. “Yun Capital”will be appointed as “Roadshow Platform of Chengdu Youth Ventures”.

Zhonglun W&D Law Firm is one of coordinating units of “Yun Capital”. Partner Hou Pandong and Chengdu Director Wang Zhijian are invited to attend the ceremony. Wang Zhijian is engaged as the legal counsel of CDHT Venture Investment Association.