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The first annual conference of GLA was successfully held in HK on Dec.6,2016

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      On 6th December 2016, the first Annual Conference of GLA, with legal elites and reputed entrepreneurs attending, successfully convened at Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel. Apart from the founding members of GLA, this conference also appealed to attorneys from Britain, Germany, Australia, India, the United States, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Cyprus, South Korea, China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and financiers and entrepreneurs from China Life Overseas Company, Asian Capital, China Merchants Finance Holdings CO, Hang Tang Wealth, HMC Family Office, Orient International Capital, Canada Stewart Energy Group, Great United Petroleum  Holding Co and State Power Investment Corporation. 

         With the chairman of GLA Mr. Moses Cheng and co-chairman Mr. Chen Wen successively giving opening speeches, this conference officially started immersing among the crowded applauds. Several excellent speeches covering cross-border investment, investment and financing in USA, international M&A, Chinese IP law etc. were delivered in the morning. After a short break, participants conducted a round-table discussion to brainstorm several topics including how to make GLA better, how to recruit more members and the improvement of GLA website.       

         GLA is a NGO and an international attorney institution which is jointly established by Hong Kong P.C & WOO Law Firm, Beijing Zhong Lun W&D Law Firm, Beijing Hui Cheng Law Firm, United Kingdom DKLM Law Firm, the United States Huang Tang Marvin Law Firm, Saudi Arabia Naji Law Firm, Cyprus Total Service Law Firm and other 11 law firms which are from Italy and Netherlands on May 19, 2016 in Beijing. The objective of this alliance is that combine the small and medium sized law firms from all over the world and promote their communication in lawyer business area, share business information, jointly boost the level of legal services. This is also a new international attorney organization which is spontaneously organized by worldwide attorney institution under the background of “One Belt One Road” international economic cooperation that is advanced by Chinese Government recently.