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Working Experience

1999-2002 The procuratoral cadres of the First Branch of the Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate

2004-2006, International Department of Beijing Jincheng Tongda Law Firm, Lawyer

2006-2010 Beijing Wantong Real Estate Co., Ltd., Legal director

2010~present  Beijing Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, Senior Partner, member of Executive Committee , Deputy Director

Professional Qualification

Legal Professional Qualification Certificate

Chinese Lawyer Certificate


Working Language

Chinese and English

Li was awarded as Example   Young Lawyer by the first selection of young lawyers of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association

"China's Top 15 New Lawyers in 2005" by the Asian Law Journal (ALB), and the "Best Dealing Lawyers in 2006" Award

Representative of the Third Lawyers Congress of Beijing Chaoyang District, and director of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association

Excellent lawyer in Beijing Chaoyang District

Outstanding lawyer in Chaoyang District in 2015-2018

Mr. Li serves as deputy director of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, member of the Executive Committee, member of the Risk and Control Committee, director of the "Belt and Road" Legal Professional Committee, director of the Competition, Antitrust and Compliance Law Committee and deputy director of Financial Law Committee.

Mr. Li specializes in cross-border investment law, corporate law, financial law, real estate law and anti-monopoly and compliance. As an experienced lawyer,he has a deep understanding of domestic law and international law. He is especially good at the legal design of cross-border complex and major transaction structure, as well as handling challenging litigation and arbitration cases.

In the field of cross-border investment, Mr. Li has participated in dozens of cross-border merger and acquisition and foreign-related disputes. Including the legal evaluation of Vantone Real Estate's development of the Freedom Tower Project and the China Center Project in New York, which involved a two-year business and legal negotiation with the landowner of the project, the New York State New Jersey Port Authority. In addition, he provided legal services to Hollywood (China) Investment Group in the development of a Paramount theme park in mainland China; He also provided legal services on cross-border share swaps of Beijing's first Principal Data Systems Technology Co., Ltd.

In respect of company/M&A, Mr. Li is highly recognized by clients and has provided regular legal advisory services to more than 30 companies and enterprises.In addition, he also provides legal services to clients in various industries on assets and equity merger and acquisition. For example, he provided legal services to the pre-eatimate  investigations for Beijing Capital Land to its acquisition plan of Shenyang Haohua Real Estate, Chongqiong Runzhi Construction and Development Company, Beijing Cuigong Hotel, and Beijing Donghuan Xinrong Investment Management Company; He also provided legal services for Hebei Huaan Investments acquisition of Weifang Xinda Automobile Trading Company, Weifang Xuanwu Toyota Motor Sales and Service Company, Shouguang Xuanwu Toyota Motor Sales and Service Company and Anqiu Guangli Automobile Trading Company.

In respect of financial and private equity investment, Mr. Li has taken a large number of financial and private fund casesfor many financial institutions and private equity fund management companies, funds and other enterprises, including: providing legal services for the State Council's National SME Development Fund; Providing legal services for China Financial Leasing Companys issuance of China's first financing lease asset securitization producton the Shanghai Stock Exchange; Providing legal services for the issuance of theBeijing Capital Land 2017-2019 annual debt financing plan on Beijing Financial Assets Exchange by the Beijing Capital Land; Providing legal services on fund manager for Zhuhai Hengqin Chuangyuan Huijin Investment Management Company, Taihe Zhengyuan (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Company and Zhuhai Qingshi Investment Management Company, etc; Providing legal services on the financing project of Beijing Capital Land Lize Business Area special asset management; Providing domestic and overseas financing legal services for Ausvogar Capital (Shanghai), Zhonghe Supply and Marketing Equity Investment Fund and Huarong Yufu Investment Funds.

In respect of real estate and construction engineering, Mr. Li has worked as perennial legal counsel to dozens of real estate companies. He provided legal services for the general contracting tasks and project management tasks of the foreign aid project of International Economic Corporation Bureau of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China; cooperated development of the Olympic Business District by G.S Group; the separation of Beijing Continental Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

In respect of antitrust/competition and compliance, Mr. Li has deep understanding and done intensive research. He has represented Chinese clients in the first international antitrust case targeting Chinese companies by the United States - vitamin C case; Mr.Li also pioneers in the field of domestic and international compliance services, and provides international compliance services for Chinese companies.

In respect of litigation and arbitration, Mr.Li has served hundreds of companies in for domestic and international litigation and arbitration services. For example, he provided legal services for Vantone Group's US trademark dispute administrative appeal and federal court appeal; for the financial loan contract dispute between Huarong Asset Management Company Tianjin Branch and Hebei Sugar and Liquor Company; for the financial loan contract dispute of Huarong International Trust Company; for the case in which Beijing Faboyang International Technology Development Company against CHEN Xilian for damage of company and for the dispute over corporate dissolution. In addition, he represented in the service dispute arbitration between Tiantian Taimei Network Technology (Beijing) Company and Guangzhou Youmi Information Technology Company; and represented the famous magician, Mr. Liu Qian in the reputation infringement lawsuits.

Mr.Li has over 14 years of experience in the areas of government legal counsel, new rural construction, industrial manufacturing, military, finance, energy, high technology, culture and entertainment, real estate, medical and international organizations.

His recent clients mainly include the State Council, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, General Administration of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Development Bank, Thomson Reuters Group, AccorHotels Management Group, Oakwood Hotel Management Group, Capital Land Group,  Beijing Real Estate Trading Market Company, Huarong Asset Management Company, China Film Directors Association, China Children and Teenagers Fund Escort Program, G.S Group, Shenzhou Entrepreneur Group, Tianxinyang Group, Tianle Taili Group, Kyushu Fangyuan Group as well as entertainment celebrities such as LI Shaohong, Mr. Liu Qian, Mr. Wang Yabin, TAN Zhuo and so on.

International Investment and Trade

Company / M & A

Private equity Investment

Real Estate and Construction Engineering

Antitrust / Competition

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery


Electricity, Heat, Gas and Water Production and Supply

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Accommodation and Catering

Financial Industry

Real Estate

Leasing and Business Services


Culture, Sports and Entertainment

International Organizations

Director of the Belt and Road" Development Strategy Research Institute

Deputy secretary of the Global Legal Coalition (GLA)

Liaison representative in China of INTERLAW

Member of the China Children and Teenagers Fund Escort Program Management Committee

Panel judge the master degree thesis of Renmin University of China Law School

Legal adviser of the Beijing University of Technology Alumni Association

Deputy director of the Corporate Law and Corporate Legal Risk Management Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association

Member of the 2nd Practitioner Discipline and Practice Mediation Committee of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association

Representative of the 3rd Lawyers Congress of Beijing Chaoyang District, and Director of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association

His major published works include:

The Latest Guidance on Lawyers Practice, co-author, Law Press, 1st edition (April 1, 2015);

Legal Guarantee for Chinese Enterprises Going Global under the "Belt and Road" , co-author, Law Press, 1st edition (June 30, 2015).

Articles published in the internal magazine Zhonglun W&D include:

The dispute over Portrait Rights caused by "Changing Faces"

Study on the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Air Damage Compensation

Interim Measures for the Supervision and Administration of PE Investment Funds by Order [105]

A BriefAnalysis of Perpetual Debt

Pros and Cons of the Film Law

A series of articles written before the revision of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law: Will "shared" bicycles be "exclusively" marketed? - Talking about unfair competition in the field of shared bicycles;

Analysis of big movie financing based on the movie <War Wolf 2>

Interpretation by lawyers: Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on the application of certain issues in Application of the Company Law of the People's Republic of China (IV).