ZHEN QingguiSenior Partner
  • Office:Beijing Office
  • Education Background:Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago - Kent Law School LLM University of International Business and Economics, Master of Law Peking University, Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Philosophy
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Working Experience

1987-1995    Shougang Corporation, Legal adviser

1995-1996    Beijing Beidou Law Firm, Full-time lawyer

1996-1999    Full-time lawyer, Beijing Zhongye Law Firm

2000-2008    Beijing Tianshi Law Firm, Partner and deputy director

2008-present  Beijing Zhonglun W&D Law Firm,Senior partner,executive member and deputy director


Professional Qualification

Legal Professional Qualification Certificate

Chinese Lawyer Certificate


Working Language

Chinese and English

Member of the Intellectual Property Committee of the National Lawyers Association

Deputy director of the Trademark Law Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association (ninth)

Director of the Competition and Anti-monopoly Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association (eighth)

Advisory expert of the Supreme Court Intellectual Property Case Guidance Research (Beijing) Center

In December 2014, China Iron and Steel Research Institute Groups listed transfer of 51% equity of China Steel Research Jilin Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

In April 2015, financing lease contract dispute of CITIC Futong against Shandong Xinle Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

InJune 2015, China Iron and Steel Research Group and China Aluminum Group Shandong Rare Earth Corporation M&A Project

In July 2015, Zhonghe Supply and Marketing Phase III and Phase IV Investing Hunan Guitaitai Tea Oil Technology Co., Ltd., Zhonghe Supply and Marketing Phase V new share subscription and capital increase project for National Agricultural Holdings Co., Ltd.

In November 2015, international trade arbitration and counterclaim dispute over bull sales contract between Beijing Be Green Import & Export Co., Ltd and Australian Elders Co., Ltd.

InDecember 2015, dispute lawsuit of domain name non-infringement and ownership

InFebruary 2016, dispute resolution case at Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center

InOctober 2016, M&A project between Shanghai Ctrip International Travel Service Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Overseas Travel (Travel Agency) Group Co., Ltd.

In October 2016, counterfeit unfair competition dispute between "58 City" and "Youxin Internet[2] "

In October 2016, dispute over distribution contract between China Department Store Textile Company and CHEN Weimin at Huili Material Supply Station


       Intellectual property

       Banking and Finance

       International investment and trade

       Real estate and construction engineering (including PPP)

Financial industry

International organizations

Annual Report on Competition Law 2015 (co-author)

Annual Report on Competition Law 2014 (co-author)

Annual Report of the Competition Law 2013 (co-author)

Legal issues related to foreign-related domain name dispute cases: starting from the weixin.com domain name dispute case(2016)

The legality of the VIE structure: starting from the Anti-monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerces conditional approval of Wal-Mart's acquisition of Shanghai Yi Shiduo e-commerce company (2013)

Legal Protection of TV Mode - Starting from China's Good Voices" (2012)

Competition and Monopoly---Interpretation of Anti-monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Laws (2012)