LI ZhengmingSenior Partner
  • Office:Beijing Office
  • Education Background:Renmin University of China
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  • Fax:+86 10 6440 2915
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Educational Background

Renmin University of China, Bachelor of Law

China University of Political Science and Law, Master of Law


Working Experience

People's Bank of China Insurance Department

The Peoples Insurance Company of China and its overseas institutions

Minsheng Life Insurance Company

Changan Liability Insurance Company

Zurich Financial Group China


Professional Qualification

Chinese Lawyer Certificate


Working Language

Chinese and English

Outstanding Officer of China Insurance Industry awarded by The China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Mr. Li focuses on areas of insurance, securities, finance, real estate and corporate legal affairs, which include

Life insurance, property insurance, insurance funds and other insurance legal services


Corporate merger and acquisition, equity transfer, IPO, NEEQ, and financial services such as bank credit, funds and asset securitization;

Real estate legal services such as real estate development, sales and post-service.

Mr.Li is currently a partner of Zhonglun W&D (Beijing) Law Firm. He serves as director of the Insurance Law Professional Committee and the deputy director of the Financial Professional Committee in the firm.

Representative Cases

Legal services for foreign-related marine transportation insurance recovery of BOC Insurance Co., Ltd.

In this case, after the shortage compensation of the goods, it filed an insurer subrogation with the carrier PEACE GARDEN at the Shanghai Maritime Court based on China's Insurance Law and the terms of the insurance contract. Because the ship is a Panamanian, and China and Panama still have no diplomatic relations, it is quite difficult to prove the certification of legal documents. After hard work, we forced the ship owners to reach a settlement agreement with BOC Insurance, which is an ideal one to the client.

Legal services concerning property liability insurance contract disputes of the People's Insurance Company of China

In this case, the insured Jindi Property Company is a property management company of a community. One of the owners, GAO, filed a lawsuit against Jindi Property on the outdoor water pipe break and the sewage well lift pump trip causing the basement return water and subsequent property loss. Our lawyers represented Jindi Property in court, entrusted by PICC P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. and successfully reduced 40% of the compensation expenses for insurance companies.


Legal services concerning property insurance contract disputes of the People's Insurance Company of China

In this case, the insured reported that when driving the Caterpillar excavator in the early morning of September, 2013, the mountain suddenly collapsed and a large number of stones rolled down to the excavator, causing damage to the excavator; as the insurer failed to pay in time, the insured filed arbitration at the Arbitration Commission. Our layers represented the insurance company in this case. We analyzed concrete reasons of not paying from the perspective of the insurance company. In addition, as the Caterpillar did not provide the reasons, process and loss of the incidence in writing, nor did it provide adequate compensation documents according to the requirements of the company. On the day of the arbitration, after several rounds of negotiations with the lawyer at the other party, we reached a settlement agreement with the applicant and the arbitration fee was paid by the applicant.

Major Service Areas of the Department

Mr.LI focuses on areas of 1) insurance business; (2) insurance fund utilization business; (3) capital market and investment and financing business; (4) real estate and construction engineering business; (5) litigation and arbitration.


Arbitrator of China Maritime Arbitration Commission

Arbitrator of Beijing Arbitration Commission

Lawyer of the External Lawyers Group of China Insurance Industry Association

External expert of China Insurance Association

Legal Service Manual of Foreign Economic and Trade

How to Win an Insurance Lawsuit

Principles and Practice of Marine Insurance Contracts