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  • Education Background:Central University of Finance and Economics Law School
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Educational Background

Central University of Finance and Economics Law School, Ph.D.

Kent Law School, Chicago, USA, Senior Lawyer Practice Management Project


Working Experience

Mr.Wu joined Zhonglun W&D in 2007 and previously worked as a lawyer and partner in well-known legal institutions in Tianjin and Shanxi.

Professional Qualification

Chinese Lawyer Certificate

Listed company independent director qualification

Securities practice qualification

Military confidential consultation qualification

M&A Trader Certificate


Working Language

Chinese and English

He has been awarded as Outstanding Volunteer Lawyers in China Legal Aid " and "Beijing 100 Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyers"

Mr.Wu obtained the lawyer license in 1997 and focuses on the legal services in corporate, finance, energy, infrastructure, etc. He has accumulated rich experience and provided long-term legal advisory services for many government agencies and large enterprises.

Mr.Wu is a partner of Beijing Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, deputy director of the Internet Finance Professional Committee, member of the Beijing Lawyers Association M&A and Non-performing Assets Disposal Committee, and member of the China Energy Law Research Association.

Representative Cases

Special legal services for the comprehensive reconstruction of PPP cooperation projects in the Xicheng shantytown of Chuanhui District, Zhoukou City

This PPP cooperation project has been included in the 2013-2017 five-year plans for the renovation of shantytowns in Henan Province. The project is based on PPP investment model, and conducted in a government-led and market-introduced approach. The main services of the firm are: negotiating with the government, drafting and improving multi-party cooperation agreements, drafting land acquisition compensation plans, and assisting in the completion of project financing and supporting agreements.

Special legal services for the acquisition of Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. by Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.

Sound Environment Resources is the only listed company in the A-share market with a main business of solid waste disposal. It has won the Top 10 Influential Enterprises in Solid Waste Industry and Top 100 Listed Companies in China and "Top 100 Golden Bull Listed Company" in three consecutive years.In this project, the main services are to conduct due diligence on the acquired objects and their affiliates, issue feasibility legal opinions on the investment plan, participate in project negotiation, draft investment contracts and decision-making documents, and complete the acquisition and delivery.


Whole-process legal services for PICC Mall (Beijing) to carry out e-commerce business, cooperation with other institutions and third-party payment services.

PICC Mall (Beijing) was established by China People's Life Insurance Company. The services provided include: formulating relevant legal documents required by the e-commerce platform, and advising on the compliance and legal risks based on the business model of the e-commerce platform;demonstrating the compliance of the business, drafting cooperation agreements and anticipating legal risks based on the specific contents of the cooperation; legal affairs involved in third-party payment institutions, and the formulation of legal documents.


Special legal services concerning the non-public issuance of SME private placement bonds by BoomSense Technology

In the non-public issuance of SME private placement bonds by BoomSense , we conducted legal due diligence for issuers and provided legal opinions.

Legal services for the disputes over trademark exclusive rights of Bonjour Supermarket (Beijing)

The disputes involved in this case are mainly over the ownership of the "Miao Miao" trademark and the dispute between milk-containing beverages and lactic acid beverages. The firm represented Bonjour in the litigation.


China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.

China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy Chemical Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by China Coal Energy Co., Ltd. (China Coal Energy Co., Ltd. is a large-scale energy enterprise managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and is one of the two major coal groups directly under the Central Government.) Its business includes coal mining, coal chemical product production and sales, and coal machinery equipment manufacturing. We provides perennial legal services to the company, including the preparation of rules and standards for legal risk management, the revision and improvement of various types of contracts and other legal documents, participation in negotiations on major economic projects, the issuance of legal documents, and the mediation and resolution of labor disputes and negotiation before the litigation.


Beijing Major Project Construction Command Office

The Beijing Major Project Construction Command Office is responsible for compiling the overall plan for the construction of the Beijing Urban Rail Transit Project and the Municipal Government's project, and supervising the implementation of the plan, as well as coordinating and resolving major issues in the construction of major projects. The firm has served as its perennial legal counsel for three consecutive years. The scope of services includes: reviewing and advising legal documents such as bidding documents and contract terms; reviewing the qualifications of the parties to be entrusted, participating in negotiations, drafting and modifying the contracts; advising on the contract management; filing claims against the opposite party of the contract.


Beijing Municipal People's Government 2008 Project Construction Command Office

The "2008" Project Construction Command Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the plans for the Olympic venues and related supporting projects in Beijing. Our firm serves as its perennial legal counsel. The scope of services includes: participating in contract and agreement negotiations; reviewing bidding documents and participating in negotiations; advising on the contract management; assisting in controlling project cost and reviewing the increase or decrease in workload.


Service Areas of Our Department

Merger and acquisition, disposal of non-performing assets, internet finance, dispute resolution, etc.    

Company / M & A,

Dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration)

Bankruptcy and liquidation

Financial industry

Real estate

Construction industry


 Public Management, Social Security and Social Organization

Invited mediator of Chaoyang District People's Court

Member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chaoyang District Lawyers Association

Member of the Beijing Lawyers Association M&A and Non-performing Assets Disposal Committee

Member of China Energy Law Research Association

Member of China Private Culture Industry Chamber of Commerce

Interest conflict and risk prevention in the lawyers industry, included in the Beijing Lawyers Associations management of Lawyer Interests Conflict and Legal Services for Public Interest, Peking University Press, 2010

Analysis of handling the Enforcing of Credit Documents, included in Chaoyang District Lawyers Association's Analysis of New and Difficult Civil Cases, Law Press, 2014

Legal Guarantee for Chinese Enterprises going Global under the "Belt and Road" Initiative, member of the editorial board, Law Press, 2015