WANG DunpingSenior Partner
  • Office:Beijing Office
  • Education Background:China University of Political Science and Law
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Working Experience

2001~2004 Legal Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 600313), Master of Law

2004~2007 Beijing East&Concord Partners, Lawyer

2007~present Beijing Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, Lawyer and Senior Partner


Professional Qualification

Legal Professional Qualification Certificate

Chinese Lawyer Certificate

Fund Practice qualification


Working Language

Chinese and English

In 2011, he was employed as the "Beijing Young Lawyer Sunshine Tutor" by the Beijing Lawyers Association

Deputy director of the Beijing Lawyers Association M&A and Restructuring Law Committee

Member of the Risk and Control Professional Committee of Zhonglun W&D

Director of the Private Equity Fund Professional Committee of Zhonglun W&D

Mr. Wang is a senior partner lawyer in the firm, and serves as member of the Risk and Control Professional Committee, director of the Private Equity Fund Professional Committee, and one of the principal partners of the firm's securities and capital markets business. Mr.Mr. Wang specializes in private equity investment funds / asset management plans, investment and financing, merger and acquisition and reorganization, employee incentive plans, IPO and refinancing of listed companies and other legal business in capital markets, litigation and arbitration. 

He has provided legal services such as fund manager registration, regular legal counsel, fund product design and registration, legal due diligence, investment and M&A, liquidation, litigation and arbitration for a great number of fund management companies including E Fund, Minsheng Bank, Huitianfu, Jinying Asset Management, E Fund Asset Management, Xinye Fund, Bohai Fund, Legend Investment, Ruiyuan Capital, Xinruida, HejiaRuixing, Taihe Zhengyuan, Yanquan Fortune, Ruixi Fund, Huamei Huida, Zhixin Fund, Ruier Chengye, Zhonghe Kunlun, Hengyin Zhongjia Fund, Qibajiu Asset Management, Zhonghai Huarong, Xinweida, Shidai Fujia, McGowan Capital, Deben Fund, Beijing Shoufa Investment, Jingrui Capital, Jingxiang Capital, Haotong Investment, Xutongli Asset Management, Haoran Investment, Jianxin Haide, Yuhui Fund, Panjin Hongyuan Fund, Hongzhan Xinye Investment, Hengfeng Management, Jianzhou Fund and Yingguan Fund.

He provided whole-process legal services for the establishment of the trade chain financing (Order financing) fund - Guang Yi Fa Rong Feng Fund, which is the first supply chain fund in China.

He also advised Shanghai Pangyuan Construction Machinery Leasing Company on private equityt, equity incentive, restructuring, acquisition, overall change and listing (IPO); introduced five rounds of private placement investment involving more than ten well-known investment institutions, and provided legal services for more than ten acquisitions. He provided legal services for private equity, restructuring, acquisition, overall change and listing (IPO) for Xiangjiang Holdings (stock code: 600162) (A shares), BTG (stock code: 600258) (A shares, public issuance), Zhongnong Resources (stock code: 600313) (A shares, resume listing), Lianghu Lvgu Company, Shenzhen Jinda Lighting Company, Wuxi Yushou Medical Devices Company, and Shanxi Hongji Technology Company. He provided legal service to Beijing Tourism Group for its public issuance additional share and listing.

Special and perennial legal advisory services to China Education Television and its subsidiary Zhongxian Media.

Legal services for the acquisition of the listed company ST Huanghai (stock code: 600579) by CRRC Corporation, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation; legal services for the restructuring of ChemChina under the China National Chemical Corporation.

Legal services for Shandong Xiangjiang Holdings (listed company) major capital replacement.

Legal services for the equity division reform of listed companies such as China Zhenhua (Group) Technology, Guizhou Panjiang Clean Coal Company and Shandong Xiangjiang Holdings.

Legal services for restructuring and reforming of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) project under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Legal services for subsidiary restructuring of Minmetals.

Long-term legal advisory services for Changjiu Industrial Group.

Special legal services for the definition and rationalization of property rights (equity) relationships between China Aluminum Energy and its affiliated enterprises (including China Aluminum Coking, China Aluminum Coal, China Aluminum Iron Coal, Shatanwan Coal Mine).

Special legal services for the establishment of the Beijing Financial Assets Exchange's factoring platform.

Private Equity Investment,

Company / M & A,

Capital Markets / Securities,

Banking and Finance

Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration)

Financial Industry

Real Estate

Information Transmission, Software and Information Technology Services

Transportation, Storage and Postal Services

Culture, Sports and Entertainment

Member of the All China Lawyers Association

Secretary General of the Beijing Lawyers Association M&A and Restructuring Law Committee

Beijing Young Lawyer Sunshine Tutor

Analysis of Localization of International Private Placement Terms

Model and Related Legal and Tax Issues of Foreign Capitalacquisition Merger and Acquicition A-share Listed Company through Private Placement

Path Analysis of Red Chip Framework Company's Return to Domestic Listing

Interpretation of the Interim Regulations on the Administration of PE Investment Funds (Draft for comment)

Key Legal Analysis of Listed Companies Convertible Bonds, a More Popular Refinancing Tool than Private Placement

CDR under the Perspective of Capital Globalization - Analysis of the New Path of Domestic Finance of Innovative Enterprises

Participated in the writing of books including China M&A Report and Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Capital Markets Legal Systems