Real Estate and Construction Engineering
Real Estate and Construction Engineering

Zhonglun W&D's business areas cover key aspects of the legal services, including real estate and construction engineering, corporate and securities, finance, energy, intellectual property and information technology, telecommunications, international investment and international trade,government consultants on Europe, the Middle East, across the Straits and the development in the western region in China, taxation, environmental protection, infrastructure financing, litigation and arbitration.

Customer groups

Our lawyers provide legal services to a wide range of financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, securities companies, trust companies, fund companies, investment companies, as well as multinational corporations, domestic and overseas large enterprises, and Internet and information technology companies.The firm has a wide customer base, ranging from the Fortune 500 multinational companies to medium-sized enterprises; from traditional manufacturing companies to well-known commercial banks, investment banks, investment funds, insurance companies, real estate developers, and companies in telecommunications, tourism, and logistics. In addition, it provides Chinese legal services for government agencies, foreign embassies (consulates), chambers of commerce, etc.

Legal services in the field of real estate and construction engineering 

Previous land acquisition and demolition

Primary land development

Public listing transaction of land use rights 

Real estate project development and financing

Sales and leasing ofreal estate project 

Commercial real estate 

Mergers and acquisitions of real estate

Property management

Secondary market of real estate 

Real estate mortgage 

Establishment of real estate investment trust 

Construction project approval

Loan financing of construction project 

Cooperative development of construction projects

General contracting and various subcontracting of construction projects

Construction project bidding 

Implementation and management of construction projects

Construction project settlement

Dispute resolution of construction project, etc.

Our strengths in the field of real estate and construction engineering

Extensive experience and excellent team

Zhonglun W&D is one of the earliest law firms in China to involve in real estate and construction engineering, as well as a pioneer expanding business area in the field. We boast a team of lawyers with extensive experience, solid legal foundation, and cross-disciplinary educational backgrounds in science, engineering and architecture, many of which are well-known scholars or experts in the industry with a large number of academic research results and achievements.

Great teamwork and detail-oriented services

With strict and scientific management, we emphasize expertise development and coordinated efforts, which allow us deliver professional and quality services based on specific needs of our clients. For each case, we form a professional team led by senior lawyers in the relevant fields. We specialize in diversified services with the needs of our clients at the heart. In addition to regular legal services, the firms actively participates in major decision-making of our clients, provides forward-looking policy guidance, and detects defects or loopholes in the system and management of the company with our unique approaches.

Abundant social resources

As a law firm rooted in China, Zhonglun W&D is familiar with the nation’s political, social and cultural environment. We have long established and maintained good cooperation and communication with government departments, judicial organs, professional associations and local bar associations at all levels in China. Over years, our lawyers actively participate in the drafting or consulting of many legislative projects in China, and have long served as legal counsel for many central or local government departments.In addition, it has build good cooperative relations and close strategic cooperative relations with many famous law firms, accounting firms, foreign embassies and chambers of commerce, international bar associations and other professional institutions. Over the 20 years practicing experience in real estate and construction engineering, Zhonglun W&D enjoys extensive social resources with good partnership with many large real estate companies, real estate intermediaries, relevant government departments and land consolidation reserve centers.