Financial legal business

Financial Institutions

Formation and establishment of financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and securities companies

Establishment of branches of overseas financial institutions

Banking, insurance, trusts, brokers, financial leasing, futures, funds, fund subsidiaries, fund sales, third-party payment licenses, small loans, pawns and other financial license applications

Asset preservation and debt restructuring of financial institutions

Financial institution investment, acquisition, reorganization, listing

Legal advice on cooperation with international financial institutions

Fund business

Establishment and operation of securities investment funds

Issuance and listing of funds

Private equity fund manager's filing application, major event changes

International M & A loans and general commercial loans

Domestic bank commercial loans, syndicated loans, credit loans and mortgages

International commercial loan and policy loan service

Disposal of financial assets

Financial trust and asset securitization

Debt restructuring and disposal of non-performing assets

Legal services for the entire process of insurance company investment in legal consulting and insurance funds

Financial lease and finance lease

Corporate bonds and non-financial corporate debt financing instruments

Corporate short-term financing securities and medium-term notes

Corporate bond issuance

Import and export credit and other trade finance

Other financial services

Guarantee and Guarantee Business

Financial futures, options and other derivatives trading

Mediation of financial and securities related disputes, and representation of related litigation and arbitration

The advantages of Zhonglun Wende Law Firm in the field of financial legal business

Rich practice experience and professional practice background

Zhonglun Wende is one of the earliest domestic law firms to provide comprehensive financial and investment and financing legal services.Its main service areas are financial institution management, risk control, loan management, international finance, trade financing, guarantee, and investment banking. He has accumulated rich experience in financial legal business.

The firm has a financial legal professional committee, which is responsible for financial legal services. Over the years, Zhonglun Wende has successfully handled a large number of financial and investment and financing legal matters for many clients, and has sponsored a series of major projects led by the China Development Bank's "South-to-North Water Diversion East Middle Route (Phase 1) Main Project Series Syndicated Loan Project" Loan projects, and relying on our lawyers' pioneering performance in the areas of asset securitization, trust, financial product innovation, and international loans, while gaining a wide reputation, they have also established a leading position in the relevant legal services in the same industry. , And has a high reputation in the financial, investment and legal circles.

In the field of international financial legal services, as the partners and lawyers of the Financial Department and the International Department of the firm mostly have overseas study backgrounds in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries, the legal services provided by the firm in the international financial field have gradually formed characteristics. In recent years, our lawyers have successively undertaken legal advisors on various international financial projects including China Development Bank and other Chinese and foreign financial institutions in international credit loans, international mergers and acquisitions loans, international syndicated loans, international revolving loans and trade financing. While developing international financial legal services, the firm has established an extensive network of foreign lawyer cooperation, which helps us to respond to the requirements of financial clients such as domestic banks and financial leasing companies at any time, according to the distribution of different foreign projects. Assist in contacting and hiring foreign lawyers to provide relevant legal advice and legal services to domestic bank clients.

Good working relationship with regulators and intermediaries

In the course of many years of practice, Zhonglun Wende lawyers have long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign trust companies, financial consultants, law firms, accounting firms, and evaluation agencies with good professionalism and professionalism, and maintain good work. The relationship makes Zhonglun Wende not only provide clients with comprehensive legal services, but also provide clients with constructive advice in other aspects.

Zhong Lun Wende also maintains a long-term and fruitful working relationship with relevant government departments. Zhong Lun Wende is also very familiar with the work processes and operation methods of the Chinese government authorities, and can help clients complete necessary approvals in the shortest possible time. formalities.

In addition, Zhonglun Wende organizes and regularly provides customers, relevant industry associations and partners with timely information and developments on China's latest civil and commercial laws, regulations, rules, and policies, and regularly publishes an internal publication, Zhonglun Wende Law Review. .

Professional team service and high level teamwork

As one of China's leading comprehensive law firms, Zhong Lun Wende has senior lawyers with outstanding professional quality and professional standards in many business areas. Zhonglun Wende's lawyers engaged in financial law have obtained bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, not only possessing a fairly high level of theoretical research accomplishment, but also have rich experience in financial law practice, some of which have been major national banks Provide legal services for nearly 10 years, some have worked in the legal department of financial institutions, some formerly worked in internationally renowned law firms for several years, some are young lawyers who have emerged in recent years and have worked hard, and some lawyers are often invited to participate The legislative work in the financial field has a certain social impact. In addition, some of Zhonglunwende's lawyers have studied in the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions. Zhonglunwende also regularly sends lawyers to the United States, Britain, Australia, Conduct training or training in Hong Kong, China and other places to strengthen the internationalization of the lawyer team.

At the same time, Zhong Lun Wende has established a close cooperation team operation mechanism to ensure that each project team can receive professional support from other colleagues at any time; on major difficult issues, Zhong Lun Wende can start relevant procedures in time to ensure Enough senior lawyers and experts to participate in the demonstration. In addition, in the process of providing legal services, according to actual needs, Zhong Lun Wende will continue to adjust and improve the legal service team so that the legal service team of Zhong Lun Wende can provide clients with the highest quality legal services. Zhonglun Wende's teamwork approach can ensure that Zhonglun Wende can provide clients with a full range of legal services, which makes Zhonglun Wende a wide range of success in the field of financial legal services.

Strong research power

With the improvement of the financial legal system, the financial business will continue to develop and new trading models and business types will continue to emerge. Legal innovations and business innovations with Chinese characteristics will also continue to appear. In order to adapt to this trend, Zhong Lun Wende focused on research work. Attorney Zhong Lun Wende has been invited to participate in financial legislative work on many occasions, and wrote hundreds of articles on financial law, published in the People's Daily, "Legal Daily", "Financial Times", "Chinese Lawyer", "Prosecution Daily", "Environment", "Ziguang Pavilion" and "Public Security University Journal" and other newspapers and magazines. In 1999, the chief editor of the Lawyer of the Ministry of Finance published the book "Financial Legal Practice". In 2002, the chief editor published the "Paper Litigation". In 2007, the chief editor published the book "Finance of Financial Legal Practice". In 2009, the chief editor published "China Full record of the lawyer's case handling: New Banking Business and the book "Finance and Securities", published a series of Zhonglun Wende series "High-end Business of Corporate Securities, Finance and Real Estate Lawyers" in 2011, and published in 2015 the "Belt and Road Initiative of Chinese Enterprises Go out legal protection. The above professional and academic performances of lawyers from the Ministry of Finance have been specially reported by CCTV, "People's Daily", "Legal Daily", "China Lawyer" and other media, and have established a good professional image in the lawyers' field.

Financial and tax advantages

Zhonglun Wende's full-time senior lawyers engaged in financial and legal business are proficient in relevant accounting knowledge and tax regulations. Some lawyers have qualifications such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and Registered Tax Accountant, so that they can work hard for the legal structure of transactions. The parties save a lot of transaction costs and minimize tax legal risks.