Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Service Content:

Consultation on trademark design, trademark protection, overall trademark protection strategy

Trademark search and query, trademark rights status monitoring

Application for trademark registration at home and abroad

Trademark opposition, review, dispute and cancellation of improper registration

Trademark administrative lawsuit filed against a trademark administrative decision

Renewal and change of registered trademark

Customs protection for trademark registration, training for customs brand protection

Market investigation and evidence collection for trademark infringement

Administrative investigation and handling of trademark infringement cases, counterfeiting, and infringement claims

Judicial protection of trademark infringement

Commercial transactions such as trademark rights, stock rights transfer, trademark rights transfer and licensing

Global trademark protection and global licensing strategy

Brand value evaluation, brand licensing, and other services related to value-added intellectual property


Copyright Protection Strategy

Copyright registration of various works

Computer software copyright registration

Copyright customs record protection and customs training

Market investigation and evidence collection for copyright infringement

Administrative and judicial remedies for copyright infringement

Commercial transactions such as copyright purchase, copyright transfer and licensing

Copyright business transaction due diligence


Consultation on patent protection, overall patent protection strategy

Patent literature search, patent surveillance, and status monitoring

Patent reexamination and patent invalidation request

Patent administrative litigation

Patent customs record protection and customs training

Market investigation and evidence collection for patent infringement

Administrative mediation of patent infringement disputes, acting as an agent in arbitration

Judicial protection of patent infringement (including civil and criminal proceedings)

Commercial transactions such as patent purchase, licensing and transfer of patent rights

Payment of annual patent fees and reminders

Global patent protection and global licensing strategy

Domain name and trade name

Registration of various domain names

Arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution of domain name infringement (including but not limited to cybersquatting)

Legal issues related to domain names in commercial transactions

Dispute resolution of conflicts of rights between trade names and trademarks, domain names, etc.

Antitrust and Unfair Competition

Advice on antitrust cases involving intellectual property

Anti-monopoly declaration in business merger control

Antitrust compliance consulting

Assistance in establishing a trade secret confidentiality system

Trade secret infringement cases reported

Trade secret case investigation and evidence collection

Trade Secret Infringement Litigation and Non-Infringement Defense

Trade secret administrative relief

Trade secret criminal relief and criminal defense

Litigation related to unfair competition, competition restriction, etc.

Entertainment Media

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, M & A, reorganization and listing of entertainment media institutions; industry access and investment structure design; raising, investment, management and exit of entertainment media funds

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and listing of relevant institutions in the film and television industry

Film and television project preliminary planning, script adaptation and creation, Chinese and foreign co-production, production management, publicity and distribution, business development, import and export

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and listing of performance agencies, performance venues, and performance groups

Planning, investment, financing, production, operation, business development of drama, drama, large-scale performances

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and listing of audio-visual product business units

Copyright registration, licensing and transfer of musical works, production, reproduction, distribution, import and export of audiovisual products

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and listing of publishing and related institutions

Publication, distribution, import and export of books, newspapers, periodicals, and electronic publications

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, M & A, reorganization and listing of Internet business units

Software development, production, copyright registration, licensing, transfer, high-tech enterprise qualification certification

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and listing of game business units

Game planning, adaptation, creation, production, operation, import and export, and business development


Establishment, operation, investment and financing, M & A, reorganization and listing of education and training institutions

Negotiations and drafting of documents involving intellectual property licensing and other partnerships

Market access structure

Regulatory and compliance matters

Lease or purchase of teaching premises and facilities

Legal issues related to the development and licensing of teaching software and teaching materials

Sports and events

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, merger and acquisition, reorganization and listing of sports industry operating agencies such as clubs

Contracts for tournament organization, clubs, players and coaches

Athletes, clubs, events organization image management and personal affairs

Event program production, introduction, live broadcast, rebroadcast, network communication

Sports marketing and sponsorship, event souvenirs, signature licensing and related commercial activities, sports brand franchising

Organizing and managing sports events

Brand protection and franchising for athletes, clubs and event organizations

Information Technology and Telecommunications

Establishment, operation, investment and financing, M & A, reorganization, and listing of information technology and telecommunications

Commercial transactions such as software licensing and hardware licensing, technology transfer

Intellectual property protection (copyright, domain name, trademark and trade name)

Market access, market supervision and compliance issues

Online Advertising and Online Marketing

Privacy policy and data protection

The main achievements of the Zhonglun Wende IP team are as follows:


Gao Zhishi and Beijing Shizhongjian International Culture Co., Ltd. "VERO MODA", "VM" Trademark Confirmation Administrative Dispute Case (Ongoing)

Zheng Zhongrong No. 6786612, No. 7264990 trademark administrative dispute

"Great Wall" wine trademark infringement dispute

"21 Golden Vitamin" Well-known Trademark Confirmation Administrative Dispute Case

"Headhunting" registered trademark cancellation case

"People's Hall" trademark infringement dispute case

Beijing Uniform Beverage Co., Ltd. trademark infringement dispute

Jinzhou Group Co., Ltd. trademark dispute administrative dispute

A trademark infringement dispute between Waters and a technology company in Beijing

Aerospace Co., Ltd. sued Cixi Shule and other trademark infringement cases

"DGNB" trademark refusal of trial

Yunchen Zhongneng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.'s trademark opposition in Acronis International Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Ruixing Education Culture Communication Co., Ltd. trademark registration application

Application for trademark registration of Dalian Jumeng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Unicom Intelligent Communication Co., Ltd. in a trademark infringement dispute case between China Unicom and ZTE

Bellotti Group trademark registration application in Hong Kong and China

Hein Lanz EU trademark registration application

Longda Liquor Trademark Registration Application

Gino Technology EU trademark registration application

"Shennongjia" series of trademark disputes over administrative disputes

"Hanguang" trademark dispute administrative dispute

"11315" trademark infringement dispute case

"Company Power" Trademark Infringement Dispute Case

"Logic Dog" trademark infringement dispute


Weiyong Technology Co., Ltd. brochure design and photo copyright disputes

Famous artist Xu Shuhua dozens of disputes over copyright infringement of "Liuyang River" songs

Disputes over software copyright and audit and verification rights between Microsoft and Unified Enterprise

Adobe and Uni-President Enterprise Software Copyright and Audit and Verification Rights Dispute Case

Copyright Infringement Dispute between Huagai Company and Qiaoshan Health Company

Xuanting Entertainment v. Fantasy Network Disputes

Aitu and Anlange Security's Copyright Infringement Dispute Case

Copyright dispute between Zhang Hai (Duke of the Dark Nights) and China Film Group

Copyright Disputes between Yue Deyu and Yu Minhong

Case of Infringement of Reputation Right and Copyright Disputes between Wang Pingchao (Wheat) and Well-known Young Writer Zhou Nan (Chunshu)

"11315 Corporate Credit" Art Cases Infringing Copyright and Unfair Competition Disputes

Orpheus Decoration Engineering Company Disputes over Design Effect Drawings and Publicity Works Infringing Copyright and Unfair Competition

See more cases of copyright infringement disputes in series of e-books such as "Grandma's Old City"

Li Ye v. Beijing Aikang Junan Clinic Co., Ltd. Copyright Infringement Case

Hip-hop group "New Dancer" member disputed with Beijing Beiwutang Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Patent infringement dispute between Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co., Ltd. and Blair

Design fee dispute between Fenglian Group Wuling Wine Company and the design unit

Dispute over patent right of "clip rail shoes" patent

Disputes over the signature of the inventor and designer of a patent in the Liaohe Oilfield Drilling Research Institute

Case of Dispute over Marital Ownership between Patentees of "North Cordyceps" Patent

Snowflake Cardboard Factory "Filter Cardboard" Method Invention Patent Infringement Dispute Case

Dispute over implementation patent of "seed fudge" method invention patent

"A wig" utility patent infringement dispute case and patent invalidation case

Case of infringement of patent for utility model of "anchor machine" of exploration company and invalidation of patent right

Everbright's "Automobile Balance Tester" Utility Model Patent Infringement Dispute Case and Patent Invalidation Case

X Construction Company's "One Airway Elbow" Design Patent Infringement Dispute Case and Patent Invalidation Case

Case of Dispute over Technology Transfer and Technical Service Contract between X City Chemical Research Institute and Dandong X Township and Village Enterprises

Dispute between the patent inventor of the "intervention stent" and other shareholders in a joint venture

Patent Infringement Dispute and Invalidation of Patent Rights of Aimer and American Brigir

Patent administrative dispute over "caster" design

Patent dispute review administrative dispute of a Taiwan company

Hong Kong Guangcai Network Technology Co., Ltd. Patent Application

Patent application of Meishi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Legal Issues of Intellectual Property Rights of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors in China Nuclear Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Domain name and trade name:

Domain name non-infringement and ownership dispute

Domain name non-infringement and ownership dispute

"3M" Brand Related Domain Name UDRP Case

CNDRP case of "Mead Johnson" brand related domain name

Dispute between Shanghai Public Employment Company and Beijing Xinwang Digital Co., Ltd. on the domain name contract

Case of trademark infringement and unfair competition between Shanghai Jintian Company and American Victoria Secret Brand Company

Trade secrets and antitrust and unfair competition:

Crescent Company Trade Secret Infringement Retrial Case (Ongoing)

Case of trademark infringement and unfair competition between Shanghai Jintian Company and American Victoria Secret Brand Company

Mi Shi Technology v. Qihoo Technology Abuse of Market Dominance and Unfair Disputes (Mobile Internet Anti-Monopoly Case No. 1)

Research on the Concentration of Operators in the 2015 Competition Law Annual Report

Intellectual property derivative legal services:

Providing legal services for Baidu Music

Li Yifeng and Reputation Infringement Case

Case of invalid contract dispute between Jiang Jinfu and Tianjin Tangren Film Co., Ltd.

Tan Ruiming and Beijing Qiangrun Film and Television Co., Ltd.

Case of contract cancellation between Guo Dongdong and XXX performing arts broker

Mao Xiaotong and Beijing XX Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Performing Arts Agency Contract Termination Case

Hero Mutual Legal Counsel

Provided legal services for Star Station TV

Advised TPG on investment in film, television and entertainment

Advised Youyang Media on introducing foreign films

Sohu Video Perennial Legal Advisor

Huace Film & Television Legal Counsel

Personal legal adviser to famous director Li Shaohong

Personal Legal Advisor to the renowned magician Liu Qian

Represented the US investment fund in setting up an investment fund (dual GP structure) in China to invest in “Journey to the West: Three dozen Bone Essences”

Represented U.S. investment funds in SMI Films, advising its film production, distribution, theater operations, and artist agency

Chief Counsel of the China Film Directors Association Young Directors Support Program ("Shallot Project")

Chief Legal Adviser of the National SME Development Fund

Legal Adviser to the 30th London Olympic Women's Boxing Qualifiers

Legal Adviser for Large-scale Art Event "Olympic Dragon II"

Large-scale competitive sports events "Chinese Boxing Championship", "Asian Boxing Championship", "China-ASEAN Boxing Championship", "Chinese and Foreign Boxing Championship", "China TV Boxing Championship", "I am Boxing Legal Adviser on Sports Events

The establishment and operation of Beijing China Guide Association Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Guild Investment Center (Limited Partnership) Establishment and Operation Project

Beijing Green Onion Development Investment Center (Limited Partnership) Establishment and Operation Project

The establishment and operation of Shanghai Woguanjituo Investment Center (Limited Partnership)

More than 200 artists including Wang Jun, Diao Wei and Ha He (Beijing) Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd

Permanent Legal Counsel of Shadow Vision Magazine

Unification Enterprise and Beijing Woodpecker Century Technology Co., Ltd. in a copyright infringement and unfair competition case against "Xiaoying students";

Aitu Design and the copyright infringement case of American Anlange Security Company;

Digging Rabbit Software Technology and Kexun over a software development contract dispute;

Fieldstone King ’s College School trademark registration;

Represented Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, Inc. in trademark infringement and trademark maintenance;

Represented Perfect World (Beijing) Software Co., Ltd., Fantasy Aspect Co., Ltd. and Canghai Xiongfeng Co. in its dispute with Xuanting Entertainment over the dispute over the right to spread the information network of hundreds of works;

Represented Qingdao Henglian Transmission Machinery Company in its trademark infringement lawsuit;

Acted for Tianjin Jinuo Company in the registration of EU trademarks;

Litigation of 15 patent rights disputes of Swiss Rail CNC machine tools;

Acted for Huang Yi Publishing House in registering trademarks of "Huang Yi" and "Tang Sheng Trilogy";

Represented Chen Yu in a copyright infringement dispute with "The Girl in the Crow's Mouth";

Perennial legal advisor to Xi'an Gaofeng Film Production Co., Ltd .;

Perennial legal consultant of Ruisen Jiahong International Film & Television Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd .;

Legal Adviser of Wanhua Media (Hong Kong listed company)

Zhonglun Wende Intellectual Property team regularly organizes or hosts various conferences and seminars with relevant government departments and domestic and foreign partners, such as:


On April 26, 2016, Mr. Zhong Lun Wende was invited to attend the "Blockchain Cowardice" theme salon and expressed his opinions on the legal risks of Internet + finance.

On April 19, 2016, Mr. Zhong Lun Wende was invited to attend the 6th Beijing Film Festival Film Market Special Activities Forum to analyze and interpret the legal issues reflected in film financial innovation from a professional perspective.


On the afternoon of November 5, 2015, at the invitation of China Central Television's Legal Department and Copyright Department, Mr. Zhonglun Wende provided IPR legal training for him. The training covered unfair competition issues in the Internet field. More than 20 employees participated in the training on copyright infringement, cloud disk, network aggregation and chain-link infringement, and revision of anti-unfair competition law.

On the afternoon of October 21, 2015, at the invitation of Beijing Intellectual Property Protection Hotline (12330), Mr. Zhonglun Wende gave a lecture on "Legal Issues in Intellectual Property Financing" for Haidian Liuchuang Park in Zhongguancun Venture Building. The lecture focused on the issue of the proportion of intellectual property rights in the company's registered capital in the listing and financing of enterprises, the ownership, evaluation, and transfer of intellectual property rights, and the handling of inaccurate intellectual property rights. Representatives of more than 40 high-tech startups from Haidian Liuchuang Park attended the lecture.

On August 28, 2015, Mr. Zhonglun Wende was invited by the China Intellectual Property News to attend the symposium on the judicial protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises in the "Internet +" era. The conference explored new forms and trends of industrial development and new issues in the protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises in the context of "Internet +", analyzed the challenges and difficulties faced by judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and exchanged experiences on intellectual property protection. The conference provided a theoretical basis for the practice of corporate intellectual property protection and was well received by the guests present.

On May 18, 2015, Mr. Zhonglun Wende was invited by the National Law Association to participate in the "2015 Economic and Rule of Law Construction Situation Report Conference and Lawyer Legal Service Seminar under the New Normal of Economic Development" organized by the National Law Association. More than 300 lawyers from more than thirty lawyers associations nationwide gave a lecture entitled "Technical Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection Lawyer Practice".

In May 2015, Mr. Zhonglun Wende participated in the preparation of the 2014 Competition Law Annual Report and the revision of the judicial interpretation of intellectual property behavior preservation.

On April 15, 2015, Mr. Zhonglun Wende was invited by the Beijing Intellectual Property Reporting and Complaint Center (12330) to give a lecture on "collection of intellectual property litigation evidence" in Beijing's Linkong Industrial Zone, from Linkong Industrial Zone Representatives from more than a dozen key enterprises attended the lecture. The lecture focused on the collection of evidence of intellectual property contract disputes, the collection of evidence of intellectual property infringement disputes, administrative reports of intellectual property and criminal reports, and received unanimous praise from participating agents.

From March 28th to 29th, 2015, Mr. Zhonglun Wende attended the high-end seminar on judicial protection of intellectual property rights in China and delivered a keynote speech on "Determining the Amount of Punitive Damages for Trademark Infringement". From the perspective of the burden of proof, the determination of the amount of infringement profits, etc., they shared with the participants, and received unanimous praise from the participants.

Year 2014:

From December 9th to 13th, 2014, during the "Beijing Lawyer Week", Mr. Zhong Lun Wende hosted the "Internet and Competition Law Sub-Conference" at the National Convention Center to share his experience with lawyers in legal services.

From November 22 to 23, 2014, Mr. Zhonglun Wende participated in the "China High-level Seminar on the Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Intellectual Property Professional Committee of the All China Lawyers Association" in Shanghai. The elites of property rights law gathered in Shanghai for keynote speeches and lively discussions on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and unfair competition on the Internet. Lawyer Zhonglun Wende chaired the sub-forum on competition law lawyers related to intellectual property in this seminar.

On November 4, 2014, at the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, Mr. Zhong Lun Wende was invited to participate in the second new top roadshow conference in 2014 hosted by China International ( and co-organized and directed by ICANN, CNNIC, etc. Experts and scholars in the domain name industry gave keynote speeches and expert forums around the theme of the conference, “New Domain Names • New Trends,” on how the first batch of new top-level domains that have been applied for and gradually launched will be regulated and operated in China and related policies. A series of issues were discussed and the industry's latest news and authoritative views were released.

On November 6, 2014, the Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office held an expert demonstration meeting on the drafting of the Regulations on the Promotion of the Development of Beijing's Cultural and Creative Industries (Draft). Attorney Zhonglun Wende was invited to participate in this meeting.

year 2013:

On November 24, 2013, Mr. Zhonglun Wende was invited as a guest to participate in a seminar on consumer rights protection on terminal software. The meeting focused on legal sanctions for pre-installed software on mobile phones, legal governance of bundled software on the PC side, prevention and relief of Internet user information leakage, and how to build a consumer rights protection mechanism and system on terminal software. Leaders of the National People's Congress Legal Work Committee, the Finance and Economics Committee, the Supreme Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Standards Commission, the Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing and other relevant units attended the meeting and expressed their views.

From January 5th to 6th, 2013, Mr. Zhonglun Wende was invited to attend the 10th China Cultural and Creative Industry Summit. Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Li Wuji attended the meeting and conducted a key analysis on the development path of China's cultural entrepreneurship industry. The meeting also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with Taiwan's leaders in cultural and creative industries on cross-strait cooperation in cultural and creative industries.

Zhonglun Wende lawyers often publish books or publish articles on well-known publications on intellectual property and related legal aspects, and regularly publish the internal publication "Zhonglun Wende". Some publications are as follows:


"Legal Issues Concerning Foreign Domain Name Disputes: Speaking from Domain Name Disputes"

"New Rules for Internet Industry Competition: An Alternative Interpretation of Article 13 of the Anti-Draft Review"

"Legal Protection of the Television Model: Talking Quickly from the Good Voice of China"

"Overview of the Three Revisions and Improvements of China's Trademark Law"

Collective Copyright Management Organization and Monopoly

"Revision of China's Copyright Law Facing WTO"

"A preliminary discussion on the market definition of whether Tencent is suspected of abusing market dominance in the 3Q battle"

"On the Infringement of Internet Domain Names from the Case of Well-known Trademark Infringement of Huanghelou"

Extraterritorial Application of Antitrust Law

"Legal Enlightenment of Zhuang Yu v. Guo Jingming's Copyright Infringement Court's First Judgment on Mental Damages"

Legal Reflections on the Revocation of 21 Golden Vita Well-known Trademarks

"On the Legal Protection of Actors' Portrait Rights in Film and Television Works"

"Fighting for Portrait Rights"

Legal Reflections on the Principles and Standards of Compensation for Photography

"On the Justification of the Abolition of the Textbook Rent System"

"The Legal Attributes of" Internet Virtual Property "

"On Limited Expression" in Copyright Infringement Disputes

"On Forced Adjustment of Investors' Rights and Interests in Bankruptcy Reorganization"

"Analysis of Intellectual Property Infringement Risks in Bidding"


"Research on Hot Issues in Cyber Law" (August 2008, published by Intellectual Property Press)

"Competitiveness and Monopoly-Legal Understanding of Antitrust and Unfair Competition" (co-author)

Zhonglun Wende Law Firm's 2013 Annual Report

Zhonglun Wende Law Firm's 2014 Annual Report

"Zhonglun Wende Law Firm 2015 Annual Report"

Annual Report on Competition Law 2013 (Co-author)

Annual Report on Competition Law 2014 (Co-author)

Annual Report of the Competition Law 2015 (Co-author)

The Zhonglun Wende Intellectual Property team is fortunate to maintain a good working relationship with major Chinese government departments, including but not limited to:

State Administration for Industry and Commerce

Intellectual Property Office

State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (National Copyright Administration)

General Administration of Customs

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Culture

Zhonglun Wende further strengthens its relationship with government departments with its excellent and efficient legal service standards and the pursuit of high-quality and comprehensive legal services. The long-term working relationship with important government departments has enhanced Zhong Lun Wende's ability to provide clients with pragmatic and efficient legal solutions.

Zheng Ming (Director)