In order to meet the diversified needs of the legal service market, Zhong Lun Wende has a multi-disciplinary professional who has many years of professional experience in the field of finance and tax law, and also has legal practice experience. Local and professional financial and tax legal services. Zhonglun Wende has unique advantages and rich experience in tax structure design, tax planning, tax law consulting, and guiding clients to effectively deal with tax legal issues. Zhonglun Wende has always been committed to safeguarding the legal rights and interests of Chinese and foreign taxpayers and helping taxpayers to maximize their legal interests.

Zhong Lun Wende's professional services in the field of tax law mainly include:

Guide customers to use tax preferential policies and combine tax preferential policies for different regions, different customers, and different taxes to assist customers in making regional investment decisions

Design the client's business structure in China for reasonable tax planning

Advising clients on various types of transactions including M & A in China

Representing clients in tax audits, tax-related administrative disputes, tax-related civil disputes, tax-related criminal cases, etc.

Participate in the formulation of customers' annual tax plans, assist customers in establishing and improving internal control systems and related accounting systems, financial management systems and other financial and tax work systems, and assist customers in establishing risk prevention systems

Carry out special tax health inspections at the request of customers: including but not limited to checking accounts and making rectification opinions, taking legal remedies, etc.

Establishing investigations on specific major fiscal and tax legal issues for clients, issuing systematic legal advisory opinions on specific major tax-related projects, analysis reports on legality demonstrations, etc.

Representing clients in special tax-related negotiations, including but not limited to: acting on behalf of clients and tax authorities in transfer pricing adjustment negotiations, advance pricing negotiations, advance tax appraisals, etc., and various negotiations to obtain tax benefits

Guide clients in the production of tax-related legal documents, modify and review related tax-related legal documents

Instruct clients to handle legal matters related to daily tax reductions, exemptions, refunds and deferred taxes, and assist clients in training their employees in fiscal and tax legal knowledge