Cross - Straits
Cross - Straits

Zhonglun W&D is the first law firm in China to establish a department handling cross-strait business. As the firm’s first professional service department which targets regional clients, it mainly serves Taiwan-funded enterprises, Taiwanese businessmen, Taiwanese companies, frequent commuter across the strait and mainland companies that invest in Taiwan. Zhonglun W&D has an excellent team of Taiwanese lawyers with PhD of Peking University, Taiwanese practicing lawyers and senior consultants. The team members have profound legal theory and rich experience in cross-strait practice. They specialize in providing legal services under the ever-changing, complex and diversified cross-strait business settings. The services cover areas of finance, real estate and construction engineering, companies and securities, international law, foreign investment and mergers and acquisitions, trust and asset securitization, insurance fund utilization, labor and personnel, energy and environmental protection. Intellectual property and information technology, competition and anti-monopoly, maritime issues, medicine, tax, litigation and arbitration, private equity, cultural industry, financial leasing, commercial real estate, state-owned assets, arbitration, investment immigration, insurance and the Belt and Road related business. We are committed to delivering professional and comprehensive legal services, which is supported by a wide network comprised of offices in Beijing, London, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Riyadh, Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Jinan, Guangzhou, Qianhai, Xi'an , Nanjing, Xiamen, Changzhou, Chongqing and so on. The cross-strait business department helps to develop legal strategies for the various business activities carried out by clients on both sides of the strait, and provide competitive, timely, precise and comprehensive legal support.

The legal services provided in the cross-strait business mainly include:

(1) Listing of companies and enterprises across the strait and in various locations

(2) Cross-strait mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of companies and enterprises.

(3) Cross-strait company or project investment and financing.

(4) Special legal services for related matters such as mergers, divisions and dissolutions of companies and enterprises.

(5) Special legal counsel for cross-strait investment structure and business model.

(6) Consultation, legal opinions and program provision for industrial policy of cross-strait companies and enterprises.

(7) Arbitration and litigation in economic cases.

(8) Intellectual property protection litigation and related legal affairs.

(9) Evaluation of the value of intellectual property technology.

(10) Cross-strait labor contracts, rules and regulations drafting and review, and labor dispute litigation.

(11) Special legal services such as cross-strait marriage, inheritance, and child support.

(12) Establishment of cross-strait companies and industrial and commercial registration.

(13) Perennial legal counsel of the company or enterprise.

(14) Writing and reviewing various types of contracts and legal documents.

(15) Cross-strait emergency or urgent legal issues.