The “Belt and Road” professional committee is a legal service professional committee formed by professional lawyers of the head office and branch of Zhonglun Wende Law Firm. The committee focuses on the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative and cross-border investment legal services, and provides clients with information on investment financing, trade, infrastructure construction, listing, debt issuance, and trust in the “Belt and Road” extension countries and other countries in the world. Legal services in areas such as cultural exchanges.

Most of the lawyers of this committee have overseas study experience. They can be proficient in different professional languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic, and provide professional legal services to clients.

Its members and offices include:

Li Zheng Director Beijing Office

Wu Jian Deputy Director Beijing Office

Liu Peifeng Deputy Director Beijing Office

Huang Min Deputy Director Beijing Office

Shi Zhimin Deputy Director Beijing Office

Xu Bo Member Beijing Office

Guo Linjun Member Beijing Office

Zhang Jiajian Member Beijing Office

Guo Hongwei Member Taiyuan Office

Tian Lei Member Beijing Office

Liu Shuangmei Member Beijing Office

Tian Xuejun Member Changsha Office

Bu Gang Member Nanjing Office

Huang Bingxin Member Guangzhou Office

Zhang Jinhong Member Beijing Office

Xie Gaohui Member Taiyuan Office

Jiang Wen Member Shanghai Office

Yao Yin Member Beijing Office

Han Bo Member Chongqing Office

Zhang Meng Member Nanjing Office

Pan Xinqun Member Xiamen Office

Shiming Member Tianjin Office

Gao Zhicheng Member Tianjin Office

Wang Shuying Member Shijiazhuang Office

Zhu Yuzhen Member Tianjin Office

Wu Jiang Member Changzhou Office

Wang Qian Member Tianjin Office

Zhou Lisi Member Qianhai Office

Chen Yunfeng Member Shanghai Office

Qiu Daoyong Member Shanghai Office

Ma Ke Member Shanghai Office

Zhao Shihai Member Taiyuan Office

Chen Fang Member Shanghai Office

Zhai Bing Member Beijing Office

Lin Xiang Member Beijing Office

Liu Lian Member Beijing Office

Zhou Guangjun Member Chengdu Office

Song Dayu Member Beijing Office

Zhu Chuanlu Member Beijing Office

Zhang Gaiyun Member Taiyuan Office

Cao Lelong Member Beijing Office

Ji Yunfeng Member Taiyuan Office

Li Yuefeng Member Xiamen Office

Ai Wenjing Member Beijing Office

Wang Lingyun Member Beijing Office

Zhong Yanyang Member Beijing Office

Liu Yarong Member Changsha Office

Chang satisfied member Beijing Office

Li Wanqi Member Beijing Office

Li Hao Member Beijing Office

Zhang Jiaoru Member Beijing Office

Zhang Ying Member Shanghai Office

Duan Qingxi Member Shanghai Office

Duan You Member Changsha Office