Technology, Media and Communications
Technology, Media and Communications

Technology, media and communications are the pioneering business areas of Zhonglun W&D. We provide comprehensive legal services for high-tech enterprises, television, film, online video platforms as well as traditional and modern news platforms.

The legal services provided in the fields of technology, media and communications mainly include:

Providing regular legal advisory services to technology, media, and communications businesses

Providing due diligence and M&A legal services for technology, media and communications businesses

Providing legal compliance training services for technology, media and communications businesses

Leading and coordinating legal services for overseas investment in technology, media and communications companies

Provide legal services such as litigation and arbitration for technology, media and communication services.

E-government, including government procurement, privacy protection, confidentiality, electronic signature and information disclosure

E-commerce, including electronic contracts, electronic signatures, electronic certification, electronic payments and electronic evidence

Information security and information crime prevention

Telecommunications services, software, databases, integrated circuit rights protection, infringement litigation, etc.

Electronic information protection, including network privacy, use and control of electronic data

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