Labor and Employee Incentives
Labor and Employee Incentives

We provide legal services concerning labor and employee incentive for all types of clients, helping enterprises and workers build harmonious labor relations. Our team provide legal services in this area through various ways, including regular legal consultation, internal training, guidance on labor dispute cases, drafting and revision of corporate legal documents, rules and regulations, and seminars on difficult issues, which help clients solve various labor law problems encountered in labor and personnel management work in a timely and effective manner. Depending on our deep understanding of national laws, regulations and policy documents and our intensive experience, we provide professional and efficient daily legal services for various clients, which help to regulate the management of enterprise's labor and employee incentive, timely solve the labor disputes of the company in daily management, prevent potential legal risks, and effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of our clients.

The legal services provided in the field of labor and employee incentives mainly include:

Drafting of labor documents: drafting and reviewing various types of employment documents and drafting different legal documents

Construction of rules and regulations: helping clients establish, improve and implement labor and personnel rules and regulations

Risk prevention system: establishing and improving the labor and personnel risk prevention system to ensure the smooth operation of the clients

Daily personnel consultation: providing advice on entry, resignation, remuneration, position, vacation, social security, etc.

Staff resettlement plan: formulating and reviewing the employee resettlement plan to make it legal and operable

Human resources (HR) management process: diagnosis and planning of HR management process,legality review of HR management tools 

Negotiation of collective contracts: Negotiation and Signing of collective labor contracts on behalf of employers or labor unions

Inquiries on laws and regulations: providing services on various labor laws and regulations, judicial interpretation, policies, etc.

Training in laws and regulations: training on key legal issues, policies and labor law priorities

Labor dispute resolution: labor dispute consultation, mediation and negotiation, representing clients in court arbitration and litigation

Other services: providing other legal services for labor law according to different needs of the clients

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