As one of the earliest law firms in China to provide insurance legal services, Zhonglun W&D has served as regular and special legal counsel and taken many major insurance projects for a great number of well-known domestic and overseas insurance groups, companies and institutions, including the People’s Insurance Group, China Life Insurance Group, China Reinsurance, China Taiping Insurance, PICC, Bank of China Insurance, Taiping Property Insurance, PICC Life, China Life Insurance, Xinhua Life Insurance, AIA, Taiping Life Insurance and Everbright Life Insurance.We specialize in legal compliance and risk management of insurance enterprise.

The legal services provided in the field of insurance law mainly include:

Legal compliance 

Internal control compliance of insurance company

Compliance review of insurance products and insurance contracts

Compliance review of company’s related systems

Litigation, arbitration, mediation services

General insurance contract dispute

Claims of foreign insurance contract 

Claim recovery of foreign insurance case

Insurance claims and recovery 

Litigation and arbitration of motor vehicle traffic liability accidents

Litigation and arbitration of insurance contract dispute

Litigation and arbitration for disputes in corporate property insurance, construction and installation engineering insurance, cargo transportation insurance (including water, land, air), ship insurance, and family property insurance

Litigation and arbitration for liability cases such as liability insurance, credit insurance, guarantee insurance (such as personal property mortgage or deposit guarantee insurance, corporate secured loans and mortgage guarantee insurance)

Litigation and arbitration for disputes such as survival insurance, endowment insurance, death insurance, child insurance, fixed-term insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, dividend insurance, and universal insurance

Litigation and arbitration risk management services for disputes such as major illness insurance, hospitalization reimbursement insurance, hospitalization subsidy insurance, etc.

Object risk assessment of pre-insurance 

Legal risk assessment and treatment of insurance cancellation

Refusal case management

Management of the financing and payment case

Administrative risk management involved in insurance companies

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