Wealth Management
Wealth Management

Zhonglun W&D has an excellent team specializing in wealth management legal business. Most of the partner lawyers have master's or doctoral degrees at home or abroad. The wealth management team has been engaging in the areas of family offices, family trusts, personal wealth management, insurance, trust, investment and wealth management over many years.

The wealth management team has long maintained good cooperative relations with major family offices, trust companies, capital management companies, private equity investment funds, banks, etc. We offer services on overall wealth, asset allocation and solutions to various clients.

In addition, Zhonglun W&D has a large number of lawyers specializing in foreign-related matters and international lawyers who can provide global legal services in multiple fields.

The legal services provided in the field of wealth management law mainly include:

Family office establishment and management

Family trust establishment

Family asset management and inheritance

Personal wealth management 

Establishment of private trust company

Private wealth management, asset allocation, etc.

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