Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration)
Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration)

Litigation and arbitration legal services are one of the basic legal services of Zhonglun W&D, which are taken by a number of partners and lawyers with solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. Most of the lawyers who represent litigation or arbitration have master's or doctoral degrees at home or abroad, and have served as litigants or arbitration agents of many large enterprises, government agencies, institutions and individuals. Over years of litigation and arbitration legal services, Zhonglun W&D has accumulated rich experience in this area, of which some senior lawyers are serving or have served as arbitrators of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and Beijing Arbitration Commission. We will optimize our clients’ interests with our expertise and experience, as well as our responsible attitudes, down-to-earth spirit and the idea of “clients first”.

The legal services provided in the field of litigation and arbitration mainly include:

Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration cases

Economic disputes of companies

Labor dispute arbitration and litigation 

Administrative litigation case

Representing administrative agency in administrative litigation cases in response

Representing the parties regarding filing a lawsuit against the administrative agency

Criminal case

Providing legal services and defense in the investigation stage, review and prosecution stage, and trial stage; arbitration cases of domestic and overseas economic dispute (the trial of the case, the enforcement of the ruling, the non-execution or cancellation, etc.)

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