Antitrust Law / Competition Law
Antitrust Law / Competition Law

The major service areas of Zhonglun W&D in the antitrust /competition law mainly include antitrust legal services, anti-unfair competition legal services, antitrust legal services related to M&A, and antitrust legal services related to intellectual property rights. Our lawyers can protect the interests of the clients effectively with the intensive practicing experience in competition and antitrust fields, interdisciplinary background and professional backgrounds in economics.

The legal services provided in the field of antitrust law/competition law mainly include:

Antitrust legal services

Representing companies for civil and commercial compensation;

Representing companies for administrative investigation procedure regarding antitrust cases;

Providing legal consulting services and legal opinions for formulating company's sales policy and pricing which may be suspected with monopoly;

Holding lectures or seminars on antitrust law or providing training for management.

Antitrust legal services related with M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the main business areas of Zhonglun W&D. Our lawyers have rich experience in antitrust practice, which ensures high-quality M&A consulting services for domestic and foreign companies, and represents clients' antitrust administrative review procedures.

As the first lawyers engaged in competition and antitrust legal services, we have so far represented dozens of projects for domestic and foreign companies to file antitrust mergers (concentrations) in China, and have successfully passed the review of antitrust law enforcement agencies.

Antitrust legal services related to intellectual property

Our lawyers have strong academic research strength and experience in the field of intellectual property, which allows us provide comprehensive and professional legal services with integration of the expertise in intellectual property and antitrust law. Our legal services in this area include the establishment of technical standards and technical antitrust issues such as cross-technology licensing, patent pool, and patent bundling.

Anti-unfair competition legal services

The anti-unfair competition law and the antitrust law are partly overlapped on legislation. With many years of experience, our lawyers can not only provide clients with excellent legal services regarding anti-unfair competition, but also offer options which can maximize clients’ interests according to the size of the company and the specific circumstances of the case. 

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