Zhonglun W&D is one of the first law firms in China to provide legal services for trust and asset securitization and boasts an excellent team in this field. It has established close cooperative relations with financial institutions that issue related financial products, professional service organizations for financial products, and various types of enterprises as financing bodies, and provides efficient legal services for investment and financing.

The legal services provided in the field of trust mainly include:

Advising trust companies on their trust business

Various types of commercial trust business independently carried out by the trust company

Bank financial plan and trust cooperation business

The cooperative business between governments at various levels and trusts in infrastructure, livelihood projects, etc.

Collective treasury trust plans to participate in private equity investment fund business

Charity trust

Securities company (targeting, collection, special purpose) asset management business

Multi-client specific asset management of fund management company 

Insurance asset management company assets (including third-party assets) management product business, infrastructure investment plan business, and non-infrastructure real estate investment plan business

Enterprise annuity fund investment management of securities, funds, trusts and insurance institutions

The legal services provided in the field of asset securitization mainly include:

Legal services for the credit asset securitization of financial institutions, including national development bank, state-owned commercial bank, joint-stock commercial bank and city commercial bank 

The concept of securitization of national development bank to build a new credit structure product 

Restructuring asset securitization of commercial banks and financial asset management companies

Asset securitization of financial leasing company 

Personal auto mortgage securitization of auto finance company 

In addition, we provide legal services for non-financial corporate asset securitization, including

Asset-backed bill business (the company acts as the promoter and is issued by the commercial bank or securities company in the national inter-bank bond market)

Asset-backed beneficiary certificate (the enterprise acts as the promoter, and is issued on the stock exchange by a special asset management plan set by securities company)

The legal services provided in the field of real estate investment trusts (REITs) mainly include:

Advice on the issuance of real estate benefit tickets for the national inter-bank bond market

Providing legal services for the listing of real estate trust funds on stock exchanges

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