Maritime Law
Maritime Law

The maritime legal services is one of the specialties of Zhonglun W&D and we take a leading position in this field. The maritime legal department boasts a wealth of experienced lawyers who have strong command of maritime law and international trade laws, graduated from maritime colleges with master's degree or above, and some have overseas study, training, and seafarer working experience. Proficient in English, French, and Japanese, the team provides international, professional, efficient and quality legal services to Chinese and overseas clients alike.

Moreover, some lawyers have working experience in financial leasing companies, and thus have deep understanding of potential risks in the ship finance leasing business. Our major clients include Protection and Indemnity Club, well-known shipping companies at home and abroad, shipping agencies, insurance companies, shipyards and terminals. We have long-term partnership with global leading maritime law firms and shipping agencies.

Currently, Zhonglun W&D is the only Chinese law firm with a branch office in London, which is the center of resolving global shipping and maritime disputes, as a large number of cases across the world are to arbitrated in London every year. Therefore, we are actively using this as a platform to expand and develop cooperation with local P&I clubs, shipping companies, arbitration institutions and maritime law firms, so that to better serve our clients in this field.

The legal services provided in the maritime field mainly include:

Cargo transportation by sea: cargo damage, freight dispute, bill of lading dispute

Chartering contract: voyage charter dispute, time charter dispute, bareboat charter dispute

Ship freight forwarding: freight forwarding disputes, ship agency disputes

Shipbuilding: ship trading, shipbuilding contract, ship financing

Marine accident: ship collision, shipwreck rescue, general average, personal injury, marine pollution

Marine insurance: ship insurance contract, cargo insurance contract, liability insurance contract, reinsurance

Maritime litigation: maritime injunction application, maritime seizure, fund establishment of maritime liability limitation 

Other maritime business: access to China's shipping industry, industry management, shipping company establishment

Ship financing lease: drafting and reviewing contracts and other legal documents, participating in negotiations, and acting litigation on behalf of relevant parties concerned

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