Private Equity Investment
Private Equity Investment

As one of the earliest law firms in China providing legal services on private equity investment, Zhonglun W&D is in a leading position in this field.The PE team offers comprehensive, high-quality and efficient services to our clients, including fund establishment, fund internal management, fund investment, fund investment withdrawal, fund reduction and fund clearing. The funds served include various types such as the US dollar and RMB, and covers different industries such as finance, manufacturing, real estate, high technology, internet, minerals, infrastructure, new energy, medicine, consumer goods and service industries. Over the years, the firm has achieved outstanding results in the PE investment field.

The legal services provided in the field of private equity investment mainly include:

Comprehensive analysis of the legal investment structure of the acquisition project, and providing fund establishment plans for companies. The plans include the choice of the legal form, size, and location of the fund,as well as the establishment of the fund management team, etc.

Advising on tax issues involved in fund establishment and investment projects

Advising on the way the fund is raised

Key terms of the fund’s core documents

Negotiating legal documents with other partners of the fund

Drafting relevant documents on the internal governance of the fund

Providing services such as transaction plan design, due diligence, agreement drafting and negotiation on fund investment

Advising on the withdrawal of the fund's investment

Providing services for fund filing

Proposing and providing solutions on other legal issues that may arise in the establishment of the fund during the investment process