Tax Law
Tax Law

Zhonglun W&D has a professional team who have cross-disciplinary experience both in finance and tax as well as law practice, which allows us to provide full-range legal services for domestic and overseas clients based on their specific needs. We specialize in tax structure design, tax planning, tax law consulting and advising clients on tax legal issues. We are committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and optimizing the interests of Chinese and overseas taxpayers.

The legal services provided in the field of tax law mainly include:

Assisting clients with investment decisions by analyzing the tax incentives, with consideration of different areas, different clients and types of tax.

Designing the framework for clients to engage in business activities in China for rational tax planning.

Providing tax advice on various transactions such as clients' M&A in China.

Representing clients in tax audits, tax-related administrative disputes, tax-related civil disputes, tax-related criminal cases, etc.

Participating in the formulation of the clients’ annual tax plan, assisting clients to establish a sound internal control system and related fiscal and tax work system such as accounting systems, financial management systems, and risk prevention systems.

Special tax health check at the request of the client, including but not limited to checking the accounts and proposing rectification opinions, taking legal remedies, etc.

Investigating specific and major taxation issues for clients, providing systematic legal advice and analysis of legality arguments on specific major tax-related projects.

Participating in special tax-related negotiations on behalf of clients, including but not limited to: transfer pricing adjustments negotiation, advance pricing negotiation, appointment for tax appraisal and various negotiations for tax incentives.

Guidance on the production of tax-related legal documents, modifying and verifying relevant tax-related legal documents.

Guidance on daily tax reductions, exemptions, rebates and holdover; assisting clients in employee’s legal training about finance and taxation.