Entertainment and Sports
Entertainment and Sports

As a pioneering law firm in entertainment and sports, Zhonglun W&D makes great efforts into researching laws and policies of the industry, providing prompt solutions which help to safeguard clients’ legal interests and steady development. In addition, with our international and comprehensive resources, as well as our strengths in the fields of real estate, finance, mergers and acquisitions, we are able to create more business opportunities for our clients. The Cultural Industry Committee of the firm serves a wide range of clients, including cultural real estate enterprises, cultural and creative industrial parks, film and television companies, publishers and distributors, television stations, radio stations, artwork management industry, travel agencies, sports clubs, brokers and film & television investors, producers, screenwriters, directors, cast members, brokers, players, etc. We provide full legal services from the drafting, and reviewing of contracts, project planning, design to the resolution of various disputes.

The legal services provided in the field of entertainment and sports mainly include:

Legal services for cultural real estate, cultural entrepreneurship industrial parks

Legal services for large theatrical performances, sports events, etc.

Intellectual property protection of corporate brand 

Legal services for cultural media operations and transaction 

Legal services for film, television, animation, music, record, travel and sports 

Legal services for entertainment industry and performing arts industry

Legal services for publishing, printing and distribution

Legal services for internet and new media

Investing, financing and M&A legal services for film and television industry, entertainment media industry